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iAssist ensures you can:

  • Eliminate off site administration
  • Produce reports quickly and reliably on site
  • Promote consistency and quality
  • Scale up your inventory taking business with ease.

Of course all of these add up to two big benefits – namely, winning back time and increasing turnover

And how does it deliver? Well that's what this page is all about - so please read on:

Eliminating off site work

A portion of our time is spent doing things which don’t directly generate profit. This includes booking jobs, creating, sending and chasing invoices, writing emails and organising and sending reports.

These cost and other costs such as typing up or outsourcing and proofing typing can be eliminated by iAssist giving you more time to focus on doing more inventories in a day or marketing and expanding your business. Learn More

Producing reports faster

We ensure that reports can be filled out quickly on site by offering a powerful range of data entry tools which are easy to use and can be smoothly mixed and matched to your style – for example using reliable handwriting recognition, voice recognition technology or instantly selecting entries from sentences filtered (and customised) so as to be item specific.

But we've gone further to ensure the quickest application and least amount of work on site. For example, any information taken during bookings can be re-utilised in setting up the report, and you can set up default descriptions to be applied to items to get you off to a flying start. Learn More

Inventory Report consistency and quality

Using iAssist will automatically ensure that all reports are professional looking, correctly branded and consistently laid out. It also ensures that you can make alterations and distribute them instantly and effectively.

However the ability to configure and if desired share a database of stored phrases and property, room and item configurations can promote a much deeper level of consistency throughout your reports without effort, whether you are a sole trader or a franchise. Learn More

Facilitating business growth

iAssist helps you streamline all aspects of the inventory taking business, from completing the report on site, to auto generating quotes and invoices, stimulating your business to grow.

Then due to the online and cloud facilities iAssist is also a scalable solution, so whether you are a self employed inventory clerk, an employer with a busy office, or even a franchise – it will work for you and be ready for that future expansion. Learn More


We understand that one of the most important aspects of any tool is your ability to mould it to suit your product and your way of producing it - through customisation.

From adding you own vocabulary and room/item preset, to your décor description and report look and branding, iAssist can be shaped to your liking. Learn More

Cloud sharing

iAssist Cloud has been designed to allow you to access your data from any internet enabled computer. This includes full bookings information such as property location, key pickup location, date and time and the resident's name so you can check information and stay on the move.

Completed reports can also be accessed for editing, sending or creating follow ups and selected data from a report can be copied to save you time. The cloud also allows you to synchronise your company's latest templates, item and vocabulary, ensuring consistency among all clerks. Learn More

Online Management

The administrator’s online module is perfect for keeping your finger on the pulse, wherever you are. Whether you are on holiday and wish to check whats going on in your absence, or suddenly need access to edit and resend a report, it gives you that peace of mind. Learn More

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