Customise iAssist to your style of working

Store new items, room templates and vocabulary to iAssist's already extensive system, helping iAssist learn the way you do your inventories, making your next inventory that bit quicker

Your look

Of course retaining a striking and individual format for your reports is important and therefore we have included a tool to ensure that you can easily import logos, format every element of the report and alter various display options. For those who wish to use a totally different layout, we are also offer a bespoking service.

Your personal assistant

However we also understand that one of the most important aspects of your experience using our application is the ability to mould it to suit your reports and entry methods. So although you start with a comprehensive database, literally everything in it can be customised, from the property types, through the rooms to the items, sub items, stored descriptions and vocabulary. Not only this but we have designed iAssist so these things can easily be done either from a dedicated settings console (suitable for someone setting out to spend time tailoring the system) or from discrete tools positioned so as to fit neatly into your work flow – (allowing you to mould the system naturally through useage without skipping a beat).


iAssist includes:

  • A built in template editor
  • The ability to bank item specific customised phrases at a click
  • In line database editing designed to fit naturally into your workflow
  • Ability to make and distribute database and template modifications to all users
  • Full property type, room and item configurations available to ensure highest standards of personalisation

Why not give it a try?

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