Producing reports faster

Producing reports faster

Why iAssist is the fastest tool on the market and how it can reduce your companies workload

Powerful data entry methods

When using iAssist you can mix and match several input methods to suit your style including dictation, hand writing and touch screen selection.

iAssist can also be naturally adapted to your style as you learn iAssist. For instance iAssist allows you to store any phrase you have entered and associate it with any item using a single tap, so next time you are describing one of those items you can re-enter that phrase - with just one touch. Sets of vocabulary menus are also constantly available and can be edited - while pop up phrases bring those menus up automatically in a pre-configured order.

Our unique decor feature enables descriptions of common items to be instantly assigned to items on report creation. It describes the rule leaving the clerk to focus on the exceptions – so as soon as the report is set up you've got a good bit of it done.

The speed of data entry is also significantly enhanced by the assign feature – which enables the clerk to assign item descriptions and comments to items in multiple rooms simultaneously, eliminating the need for repetition.

Finally, for follow up reports the process can be even simpler – you still have all the advantages listed above, but this time you can access the previous report produced and step through reviewing the previous comments - merely accepting with a click or editing as you go.

Pre-configure properties, rooms and items

Property types can be also be set up with a particular room configuration and then selected to help you set up reports that bit faster. Rooms and items are also preconfigured to ensure that a set of essential items or sub items can be added automatically when the room or item is itself included. For instance a bathroom is pre-configured to have all the essentials included (toilet, sink, bath, etc) and the bath could be configured to automatically add the taps, plughole, plug and chain as sub items ready to be described.

Easy interface

The user interface has also been designed for speed - it offers open, easy navigation and all in one consoles so that it is simple to hop around to enter and edit data, assign photographs or fully preview the result before production.


  • Instantly store and apply comments and descriptions and link them to relevant items ensures greater speed, consistency and personalisation.
  • Write to fields using reliable handwriting recognition technology.
  • Optimised for use with dictation software!
  • Never repeat yourself! The ability to rapidly assign descriptions and comments to multiple items and items with comments and descriptions to multiple rooms saves time wasting repetition.
  • One single command steps you through the report, from comment to comment and item to item, so you can focus on the descriptions and let iAssist take care of the rest!
  • Straightforward and reliabile method for skipping between rooms and items for dictation in a non sequential order.
  • Brand new decor feature allows you to focus on the exceptions – the software automatically describes the rule!
  • Auto adaptation of menus to suit the item in focus greatly improves relevance and speed.
  • Where a follow up report is required simply use our ‘new report, existing property’ feature and step through a re-titled copy of the previous report and edit as applicable. This saves at least 50% of production time on completing a new report. Also for very similar properties, merely use our report duplicate feature and edit to create an entirely new report.
  • Preconfigure property types, rooms and items so they are ordered as you prefer and
  • Preconfigure property types, rooms and items so they automatically include related items.

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