Report consistency & quality

Report consistency & quality

How iAssist helps you set and maintains high standards

Consistent presentation

The first thing to note is that your customised template will ensure that all your reports are professional looking, correctly branded and consistently laid out – regardless of who takes the inventory.

Consistent descriptions and comments

However it doesn’t end there. The standard database is comprehensive to start with but can be fully customised at once or organically adapted during use, thanks to our inline customisation tools. Your customised database can also be easily extended to any other device you register, so you can share the benefit of your experience and ensure users gravitate to using the expressions you prefer.

Consistent ordering

The ability to set up preconfigured property types with rooms in a specific order, and to set up rooms with default contents in a default order will also promote consistency without effort and will help ensure that basic items are not missed. To give further assistance our integrated traffic light system allows clerks to quickly review where they may have missed entering data and they can also fully preview the report before production.

Quality control

Once a report has been produced it can be emailed directly, but whether it is emailed or not, it will be instantly available to be viewed by account administrators online. And because any report previously produced can be easily edited any number of times and reproduced without further charge - if necessary the report can be downloaded by anyone with the administration credentials and edited on any machine that runs Windows before sending –which is very useful for quality assurance or for those who wish to tweak anything before sending it from the comfort of their desktop.


  • Templates with your formatting and professional layout will ensure that the end product looks consistent and well presented every time
  • Customisable database of phrases can be used to ensure consistency of description
  • Customisable database of property, room and item configurations can be used to ensure consistent organisation of reports and lessen the likelihood of data being left out.
  • A quick check traffic light system helps ensure that nothing is missed.
  • Ability to review reports from another location before sending makes effective and timely quality control possible.

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