Facilitate Business Growth

Facilitate Business Growth

How iAssist can work for you...

Growing as a team

We believe a team should work together sharing custom presets, vocabulary, credits, reports and work load - the work done by one clerk can then be used to advantage another, which ultimately benefits the business.

Further services

We can also develop management systems tailored to your inventory business to help you take your business up a notch! Such a management system could enable you to automate work distribution and management and give your clients an online portal where they can directly book jobs, view and download completed reports, view and pay invoices, check receipts etc. Click here to enquire.


  • The ability to distribute template modifications across a group instantly.
  • The ability to distribute database modifications (and merge databases)
  • The ability to purchase credits centrally and leverage better economy
  • Constant access to an ever growing database of completed reports - a clerk can work directly off the last report created by a previous clerk on the same system or duplicate a report from a similar property to use as a template.
  • The ability to view and manage reports, credit purchasing and invoices online
  • The ability to download, edit and re-send any report produced by any clerk on your network at any time.

We also can also offer further services to develop your infrastructure and take your business up a notch! If you're interested click here..

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