iAssist's Recommended Hardware

Surface Pro 3 and ASUS VivoTab Smart

Primary primary win surface pro

Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 is well known for being the best of a laptop and the best of a tablet, it is one of the thinnest laptops available with its light weight of 800 grams. It has all the power and ability of a 4TH generation Intel core processor running windows 8.1 Pro, the perfect match to run iAssist on, it can take good quality pictures with its 5.0 front and rear facing camera. Whether your at the office, at home or on the go this laptop has a battery life of 9 hours to take you through the working day.

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Primary primary asus vivo

ASUS VivoTab Smart

Asus Vivo Tab Smart has an Intel® Atom™ Z2760 Dual-core CPU @ 1.8Ghz for best performance and power efficiency. Light and easy to take around with you on inventories, plus 9.5 hours battery life, this is ideal to last the working day. It has a clear 8MP auto-focus camera along with 10.1” IPS panel with 1366 x768 resolution for increased visual clarity.

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