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Christmas Opening Times:

We are quickly approaching Christmas and New Year, soon to start 2017.
Please be aware IT PROz will be closed from 5pm on the 16th December 2016 and re-open in the New Year on the 3rd January 2017.
If during this period you require assistance contact us by e-mail read full article

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Server Upgrade - Find Out More Here..

We are please to announce that iAssist has upgraded to a new server. Following a busy week in the office our team have worked hard to start migrating all our clients over.
With the transfer to the new server they have received:

A free upgrade to version 6 read full article

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iAssist version 5 has arrived.

iAssist has had a whole new make over, and now with its award winning features we made iAssist faster, more extensive and iAssist remains the most comprehensive inventory software on the market. Try out iAssist for FREE.

iAssist version 5 has a Windows 8 interface and has the following read full article

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Voice recognition integration

Most people consider that the fastest way in and out of a property is using dictation – although iAssist’s time saving touch screen input techniques are capable of throwing that into question. However the catch when using dictation to complete a property inventory, rather than using Inventory Software (which auto read full article

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Did you know that iAssist can be downloaded and used on any Windows PC?

Chances are you’ll be grateful at some point that we’ve developed our software so it can be installed and used on desktops, laptops and tablets – anything really that runs the Windows OS*. When combined with the fact that you can register unlimited machines under the same account this becomes read full article

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Deliver more - Comments turn into tasks!

In true iAssist style, in delivering the ability to assign responsibilities on inventories, we’ve taken the opportunity to deliver a lot more.

The perceived need was to create a way of identifying which items and comments required the landlord’s attention, and which required some action on the part of read full article

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