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There are two basic layouts which can be formatted using our in built editor – landscape and portrait! Click on the icons below to view samples of these default templates.

Inventory & Check-In

An inventory and check-in report will detail and collate all the contents in a property and provide a detail account of each items current state, this can all be completed in the same visit.

Landscape Sample

Inventory Report

An inventory is used to develop and describe an inventory of the property and its contents or furnishings.

Portrait Sample Landscape Sample


Focuses on providing the condition of each of the items recorded in the inventory at the start of a new tenancy.

Portrait Sample Landscape Sample


Focuses on providing the condition of each of the items recorded in the inventory at the end of a tenancy.

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Interim Inspection

An inventory to ensure that the property is being looked after & the tenant is abiding by the terms of the tenancy agreement.

Portrait Sample

Report consistency and quality

Using iAssist will automatically ensure that all reports are professional looking, correctly branded and consistently laid out. It also ensures that you can make alterations and distribute them instantly and effectively.

However the ability to configure and if desired share a database of stored phrases and property, room and item configurations can promote a much deeper level of consistency throughout your reports without effort, whether you are a sole trader or a franchise.

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