iAssist Security

Your security and privacy is important to us. We aim to keep all your information safe and secure.


The iAssist application and database provides secure environment to protect your data from unauthorised access. In the event the iAssist tablet is lost or stolen, there is a two fold access protection based around username and password at both the hardware and application / database levels.

The application level security provides discretionary access to inventory reports which is managed by the hardware administer. Further the system enables tablet accounts to be terminated by the system administrator at any time.

Secure Network Communication

Further iAssist offers a secure mobile communications facility which uses 256-bit AES encoding encryption using a public / private key thereby allowing secure transfer of the iAssist data set to the online archive facility. This ensures confidentially, integrity and report availability in the event of hardware failure or loss.

iAssist also allows restricted access controlled by the manager’s discretion, to any other iAssist inventory clerk within the company’s user group.

iAssist’s archive provides a strong secure environment which protects the companies cooperate data in the event of a natural disaster or lost or stolen office hardware.

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